Automatic set for sewing loops

The automatic set to sew the loops sews the loops at 120 pants per hour without any effort, this is one of the differentials of this machine. The operator only needs to position the jeans and start the cycle so that the equipment performs the bartack in the desired location, automatically the next pass is positioned for subsequent sewing. Agility is made possible by the management system that provides automatic feeding of the passers, adjustment to the desired length and cutting. Fits Brother and Juki LK1900 heads.

Technical features:
Minimum air pressure: 80 pounds
Air consumption per cycle: 0.30m³/minute
Cycle time: 4 seconds per pass
Maximum distance between bar tacks: 8cm
Minimum distance between bartacks: 4cm
Fixed point type: 301
Shuttle: oscillating
Voltage: 220 volts (biphase)